Local Farms & Ingredients

The Plaza Hotel is committed to working with local farmers and ranchers to offer the freshest and highest quality organic produce and meats when available. At the present, we offer fresh ingredients from Bodhi Farms,  Mora Valley Farmer’s Co-op, and Pedro’s Bakery. Please ask your server for more information about our farm-to-table program.


Bodhi Farms

Bodhi Farms is a small farm located outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. They specialize in heirloom vegetables, especially heirloom tomatoes. Growing tomatoes in northern New Mexico can be a challenge but we think they have found the right combination of hoop houses and thermal mass. They sell primarily at the Santa Fe, El Dorado and Las Vegas Farmer’s markets.


LAS VEGAS: Tri-County Farmers Market

Saturday Plaza Park / Wednesday 6th Street & University
(505) 799-8315

The market provides farmers the economic advantage that comes with selling their locally grown produce directly to consumers. Thus increasing the sustainable food supply and viability of Northern New Mexico farmers; while striving to maintain the quality of the regional environment. Another important benefit of the farmers market is the wide variety of healthy, affordable, seasonal food made easily accessible to area residents. Particularly reaching a demographic that may not otherwise have such access – including food items that relate to the cultural identity of the community.