Area Attractions

Montezuma Hot Springs

A collection of hot springs bubbling out of the side of a hill, feeding a variety of rock and cement tubs. Though the springs were originally used by the historic Montezuma Castle Resort, they are now accessible to the public. Three groupings of hot springs has been diverted into rather rustic cement and rock pools and tubs along the side of the road in the small community of Montezuma. Originally the numerous indoor hot-spring pools were operated by Montezuma Castle and several other resorts. Though most of the bathhouses are gone now, and the hot springs are out in the open – they have been kept rather clean, and bathers tend to be orderly because the owners, the United World College, maintain stringent regulations for using the tubs. Pools and tubs range in size and temperature, and with a little experimenting, you can find the perfect soak.

Directions: From Las Vegas, NM go approx. 6 miles northwest on NM 65. Watch for signs on the right side of the road near the Armand Hammer United World College of the American West.

Montezuma Castle (UWC)

UWC-USA is one of 15 United World College (UWC) campuses located on five continents. A two-year residential school, UWC-USA serves students age 16-19 who typically represent more than 70 different countries. They participate in a unique program that combines academic challenge with an experiential, hands-on approach to learning

Southwest Detours

Providing tours of historic Las Vegas, NM, including Harvey Girl Tours of the Castaneda Hotel, Montezuma Castle and Plaza Hotel. Indian Detour Courier: Kathy Hendrickson

Star Axis

Architectonic earth/star sculpture constructed with the geometry of the stars; earth-to-star alignments built to human scale. It offers an intimate experience of how the earth’s environment extends into the space of the stars. This architectonic earthwork has five main elements. The Solar Pyramid marks the daily and seasonal movements of the sun across the Shadow Field. From inside the Hour Chamber you can view one hour of Earth’s rotation, and from inside the Equatorial Chamber you can observe the stars that travel directly above the equator. 

The Star Tunnel is precisely aligned with Earth’s axis. Here the viewer can walk through layers of celestial time, making directly visible the 26,000-year cycle of precession, Earth’s shifting alignment with the stars 

The sculpture’s name refers to its primary earth/star alignment. It is precisely aligned with Earth’s axis, which now points toward our north star Polaris.

The approach to building Star Axis involves gathering a variety of star alignments occurring in different time scales and allowing them to form the architecture. 

Star Axis was conceived in 1971 and is presently being constructed on a mesa in New Mexico. At its outside dimensions, Star Axis will be 11 stories high and 1/10th of a mile across.

Light Sanctuary

The Dwan Light Sanctuary was designed by Virginia Dwan, Charles Ross, and Laban Wingert in 1996. The circular building features 12 large prisms in the apses and ceiling, which spread rainbows across the floor and walls of the interior.

The Light Sanctuary has served the UWC-USA campus and the public as a quiet place for reflection. Hours are 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Highlands University

New Mexico Highlands University is your college. At New Mexico Highlands University students discover amazing new paths to success. Go Cowboys!